** Awesome, thanks for taking a quick photo to add to the stack! **


  1. Print off these signs, or make your own! 

  2. Team up with someone and take a group shot.

  3. Bonus points if you team up with a parent/grandparent, or child/grandchild (like over the Thanksgiving weekend 🦃) because this is all about solidarity! 

    Live in different cities? Have each person take a photo and we'll mash em together for you. 

  4. Email your photo(s) to info@gensqueeze.ca by October 10.

  5. Post on social using #Budget4Us #TurkeyTalk #Photos4TheWin

Your quick photo — combined with a stack of others — could make all the difference. 

If we succeed in getting the federal government to start reporting generational trends in public finance, it'll go a long way to build the case for better investments in things like child care and parental leave, housing affordability, and post-secondary education, and to help us pass down fewer debts — of all kinds — to future generations. 


Check out Generation Squeeze. I just joined.
Sign the petition: to ensure intergenerational justice in public finance, our politicians need access to data showing how public spending breaks down by age #cdnpoli via @GenSqueeze
Intergenerational Justice in Public Finance