3 ways Gen Squeeze is getting YOU ready for #fedelxn19
Last federal election saw a huge turnout among young Canadians. This fall, Gen Squeeze is going for the repeat.

Four years ago, young Canadians hit the voting booth like this country has never seen.

In 2015:

  • Turnout among the 18-24 crowd leapt from 39% to 57%
  • For those aged 25-34, it jumped from 45% to 57%
  • Voting among the 35-44 crowd grew from 55% to 62%

Going into #fedelxn19, Canadians between the ages of 18 and 38 are now the largest group of eligible voters in the country.

If we show up at the polls like we did in 2015, younger Canadians could set the agenda on the issues that matter most to us, like housing affordability, climate change, the cost of raising a family and more.

So just get out and vote, everyone says! (Gen Squeeze included.) But it’s not always that easy.

Maybe you don’t hear hopeful parties and politicians making meaningful promises on the issues you care about. Or maybe you don’t actually *know* what the parties stand for and can’t decide how to cast your vote (and so you don’t bother at all).

We get it, we’ve been there. That’s why today Gen Squeeze is launching a six-week effort that pushes hopeful politicians to make promises that matter, so you can get out and vote for them.

This election, Gen Squeeze is doing 3 things to make your vote count

1. We’re telling federal parties exactly what we want

The election may be just six weeks away, but we can still make the party platforms – or each party’s commitments on the issues we care about – stronger.

Like on housing. Nearly all the federal parties have promised to take some kind of action on housing affordability. But it’s not clear if they’re prepared to take the steps needed to ensure ALL Canadians can afford a good home.

We’re calling on federal candidates and parties to make four key commitments that ensure housing is a place to call home, not a way to get rich

Want to make sure they listen? Sign our petition today.




2. We’re analyzing the platforms

The swirl of election promises can make it hard to know who really has the strongest plan. If you don’t feel like you’ve got good information, it’s hard to be excited about voting.

That’s why Gen Squeeze has released a Voter's Guide (Oct 9) for young Canadians that scores and compares party platforms on four key issues: housing affordability, climate change, family policy, and generational fairness in public finance. The Voter's Guide is a single infographic that's designed to be saved to your computer or phone, for easy access as you get ready to vote.

Download it now!

3. We’re helping friends and family talk politics

Gen Squeeze supporters regularly tell us about how hard it is to bust common myths about the struggles they face. Spoiler alert: Many of those misconceptions are held by older generations, including our parents.

That’s why Gen Squeeze will be sharing tips for how to have conversations about politics this election. The goal isn’t persuading people to vote X or Y, it’s about figuring out how to share facts and personal perspectives in ways that build shared support for solutions.

Let’s Build the Stoke

So this is how Gen Squeeze is helping get out that (your!) vote this fall. Ready for some real talk?

Younger Canadians can’t just sit back and hope for charismatic leaders who know how to tap the energy of the moment to rally us. Those waves of energy are fun to ride, but they come and go.

If we really want to solve the big issues squeezing young people, we need to tap some of that inner stoke. Stoke that brings us back to the voting booth. Every. Single. Election. Because no matter how skeptical we may feel about the state of politics, nothing changes if we don’t engage.

And here’s a final note for all political parties.

You Have our Attention

Research shows young people are actually super engaged in political and community life.

If you’re a federal candidate or party and want to connect with us, you can start by making real, smart commitments on the big issues squeezing young people today. We’re listening (and we’re watching). 👋

Eric Swanson
Eric is the Executive Director of Generation Squeeze.
3 ways Gen Squeeze is building the stoke for #cdnvote2019
3 ways Gen Squeeze is getting YOU ready for #fedelxn19
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