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Elected officials across Canada are invited to take the Generational Fairness Champions Pledge! Download and post the pledge graphics below to your social media. We would love to know why you're taking the pledge. Please tag us @gensqueeze with #GenFairnessChampions. 

Why do we need generational fairness champions?

Canada's generational system is broken.

Younger people are squeezed by the symptoms of generational unfairness: unaffordable housing, the high costs of raising a family, a deteriorating climate and rising government debts. Older people are worried about the legacy they're leaving for the kids and grandkids they love.

We must work together to restore generational fairness.

Generational fairness means asking Canadians to be good stewards of our shared resources; treat other generations as we would want to be treated; and invest fairly in wellbeing from the early years onward. The intergenerational reciprocity so many of us show in our families — where each member contributes in proportion to their needs and opportunities — should be a model for public policy.

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Thank you for becoming Generational Fairness Champions!
Jessica Bell
Jessica Bell
Ontario NDP MPP for University—Rosedale

Mary-Margaret McMahon
Mary-Margaret McMahon
Ontario Liberal MPP for Beaches—East York

Elizabeth May
Green MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands

Doly Begum
Ontario NDP MPP for Scarborough Southwest
Julie Dzerowicz
Liberal MP for Davenport
Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
Liberal MP for Beaches—East York

Blake Desjarlais
NDP MP for Edmonton Griesbach
Adam Olsen
BC Green MLA for Saanich North and the Islands
Sonia Furstenau
BC Green MLA for Cowichan Valley
Bhutila Karpoche
Ontario NDP MPP for Parkdale–High Park
Chandra Pasma
Ontario NDP MPP for Ottawa West—Nepean


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