Political leaders are stepping up to take our pledge

Gen Squeeze is inviting elected officials across Canada to take the Generational Fairness Champion Pledge. Political leaders already acknowledge the importance of addressing racism, sexism, heterosexism, and the legacy of colonialism – it’s time to add generational unfairness to this list to counter the harmful squeeze on younger people, and to restore the positive legacy older generations want to leave their kids and grandkids.

It’s great to see some political leaders stepping up to take our pledge, and we thank them for helping us shine a light on generational fairness. Check who’s leading the way on our pledge page. You can also listen to our podcast on championing intergenerational fairness with Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

To keep building momentum, we’re busy speaking and meeting with early adopters, and with dozens of other officials and their teams. Some of our recent conversations include MP Blake Desjarlais in Alberta, MPP Mary-Margaret McMahon in Ontario, and MPP Jessica Bell in Ontario – with many more to come!

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