Postponed: Pollution Pricing Community Call



Too many Canadians are blaming the carbon tax for their financial pain, jeopardizing a climate policy most of us initially supported. What’s at stake isn’t just the price of gas – or the next election. The Axe the Tax campaign risks mortgaging our kids' future. How can we stand up for the principle that all families teach their children: when you make a mess, clean it up?

Gen Squeeze Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw and Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment President Dr. Melissa Lem will lead a discussion about how and why we must protect this keystone policy and other ways to tackle the root causes of climate change. We’ll also explain how you can get involved in our new Pollution Pricing Posse.

Facts alone won’t change Canadians’ minds about pollution pricing when their wallets are so squeezed. Join us to strategize about winning back their hearts. 

Watch Gen Squeeze Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw defend pollution pricing on Parliament Hill
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