Business Pays Price for Squeeze on Younger Generations

Investing in the generation raising young kids makes good sense.  It’s good for families, good for society, and good for business.  That’s why the CEO’s of the Surrey and Burnaby Boards of Trade championed a New Deal for Families earlier this month.

Support for this New Deal is growing among business leaders in large part because of Warren Beach, CFO of TimberWest.  Two years ago, as CFO at Sierra Systems, Warren and two Chartered Accountant colleagues worked with Gen Squeeze researchers to calculate the price business pays for the squeeze on younger generations.  He went in thinking the costs would be modest.  But after working with his CAs, he agrees that the squeeze costs businesses hundreads of millions in BC, and billions across the country.  Check out this short video of Warren talking about his take on the numbers.

Ryan Vandecasteyen
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