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New research shows 3 indicators of BC’s ongoing housing affordability crisis
New Gen Squeeze research shows where government spending has gone and what it means for our future.
Research shows younger Canadians are still squeezed between flat earnings and sky-high housing markets.
For all Canadians to afford a good home, federal parties must commit to these four things as they seek to be elected this fall.
Measures to increase taxes on vacant and high value homes in some parts of Canada have created a backlash. This report responds by proposing that instead of backing down, we need to refine what we have, and go even further.
Social spending contributes more to population health than medical spending, but new research shows government investments in older generations have been prioritized, while younger Canadians keep falling further behind.
After releasing our "Rethinking Canadian Housing Policy" report, we convened a diverse mix of housing sector leaders to see whether we could identify any common ground. The result: a newly-refined set of 10 principles for tackling the affordability crisis.
The next provincial election in Ontario is fast-approaching. Since many citizens will cast their ballot for the party they believe will best steward the provincial economy, we wrote this report to showcase the performance of the Ontario economy relative to other provinces and over time.
Heading into the 2017 B.C. provincial election, we were hearing a lot about having Canada's strongest economy. We wrote this report to show that for young people, B.C. actually has the worst performing economy in Canada.
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