"I am so grateful that you are doing this work on behalf of everyone who is feeling the squeeze. I fall smack in the middle of this demographic and I can tell you it has been a real roller coaster ride. I am not someone who feels entitled to anything and I am not one to whine and complain. I have a tremendous amount of privilege, a good education, and a solid work ethic, but I definitely feel that I have been taken advantage of by numerous employers. Years of unstable contract work have impacted my physical and mental health, my personal relationships, and my ability to contribute to my community. I can't imagine what it is like for people who don't have the advantages I have, such as being born here, speaking the language, etc.

When I first came across your website and saw the work you were doing it helped validate a lot of my feelings and realize that my life experience (30's, working 6 - 12 month contracts, part-time student, renting a moldy apartment, biking to work, painstakingly trying to save for a down payment, giving up on ever having a family) is not because I am a failure, or not working hard enough. It made me realize I am not the only one dealing with stagnant wages, increasing cost of living, and precarious work conditions.

The information you are gathering is powerful and possibly keeps people like me from falling off the edge of depression, so don't stop! Please keep doing this work, keep communicating this message, and while I can't give monetary support I am so glad you and your team made it to Ottawa. I keep meaning to write to my MP and MPP's, but I feel that my voice alone is not going to change anything. Seeing that photo of you all in Ottawa has re encouraged me to share my story."

Check out Generation Squeeze. I just joined.
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