The Gen Squeeze Lab is Recruiting
The Gen Squeeze Lab is looking for Masters and Ph.D. students, or Postdocs, to grow the evidence-base.

Our work to restore housing affordability, cut child care costs, improve parental leave, or fight climate change by pricing pollution is all guided by the best available evidence. We are looking for Masters and Ph.D. students, or Postdocs, to grow our evidence-base.  

For those specifically interested in studying intergenerational justice in government budgets, the lab even has money to help cover the cost of tuition and living expenses.  

Our lab is based at the University of BC, coordinated by Gen Squeeze Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw, in the School of Population and Public Health. 

Not sure why you’d pursue research about housing, family policy, climate change, or intergenerational justice in a school focused on health?  

Because health doesn’t begin with medical care — health begins where we are born, grow, live, work, and age. These conditions are fundamentally shaped by the growing gap between housing costs and earnings, the costs of starting and raising a family, human impact on the environment, and government decisions to abide, or not, by norms of intergenerational fairness.

The Gen Squeeze Lab needs people with previous degrees in political science, economics, public policy, sociology, social planning, law etc. to dig into the numerous social, economic, and policy factors that are squeezing younger generations.

There are lots of program options for grad students in the Gen Squeeze Lab, including the Master of Public Health program for which Dr. Kershaw is the new director, or a Master of Science in Population Health, or a Ph.D. in Population & Public Health.\

Want to study in the Gen Squeeze Lab, but have greater flexibility with degree requirements than the School of Population Health can provide?

Dr. Kershaw can also supervise students to work in the Lab through UBC’s
Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program.

Applicants to study in the lab should contact Dr. Kershaw at Initial emails should include a short description of your previous education, along with a short description of the area of Gen Squeeze work you most wish to study.

Good luck to each applicant!

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The @GenSqueeze Lab is Recruiting! ISO: Masters & Ph.D. students or postdocs to grow our evidence-base @ubcspph @ubc #intergenerationalfairness #familypolicy #climatechange
The Gen Squeeze Lab is Recruiting
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