• Where most cities aim to see a 3-5% vacancy rate for a healthy rental market, Vancouver’s vacancy rate is below 1%, making us one of the tightest rental markets in Canada.

  • If approved, the two purpose built rental projects going to council on June 5th would provide 61 new rental homes close to transit. 855 Kingsway is 6-story, mixed-use proposal that would provide 50 secure rental units, ten of which would be 3-bedroom homes suitable for families. 4459 Rupert St. is a 4-story mixed-use proposal that would provide 12 new secure rental units.

  • Both projects are being proposed under Vancouver's Rental 100 program, which was set up to encourage the development of projects where 100 per cent of the residential units are rental, targeting moderate income households.

  • While renters make up more than half of Vancouver’s households, they are often not accepted by their neighbours. 

855 Kingsway


4459 Rupert


Supporting new rental housing is one part of Gen Squeeze's comprehensive gameplan to help restore housing affordability, forever. 

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Renters deserve homes, too! Tell Vancouver Mayor and Council you support the 61 new rental homes that would be created by 4459 Rupert and 855 Kingsway
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