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No matter where you get your news, you likely won’t find many stories about Canada’s broken generational system. We don’t (yet!) have the same kind of public dialogue about generational fairness as we do about other important systemic issues, like racism, sexism, heterosexism, and the legacy of colonialism.

Gen Squeeze is working hard to change that. 

We know that it takes more than having the facts on your side to make change—especially when the facts challenge values and assumptions in place for decades. That’s why a big part of what we do is help people to see the status quo differently.

We bust myths—like the myth of the poor senior, or the myth of the lazy millennial

We offer people new ways of thinking about issues—like $10 a day child care as the antidote to expecting parents to cover the equivalent of a second rent or mortgage sized payment.

We expose outdated assumptions that point us towards wrongheaded solutions—like the idea that a fixed income senior who owns a $2 million home in Metro Vancouver should be taxed the same as a senior with the same fixed income who owns a $250,000 home in Fredericton.

By being credible, non-partisan and evidence-based, we’re cultivating more and more opportunities to get our story in front of Canadians by influencing public dialogue through the media. Check out our reach in these media recaps:

You can amplify these efforts by following us on socials, joining our network, and spreading the word across your networks about generational unfairness.

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