Our support for housing supply
We're scaling up supply-side wins, with a focus on purpose-built rental. Does the community need to know about YOUR project?

Gen Squeeze provides support through letter-writing campaigns, attending open houses, and speaking at municipal public hearings — which might explain why we received BCNPHA’s Affordable Housing Champion award for 2017!

Gen Squeeze has supported more than 20 new housing projects and policies facing opposition recently — nearly all of which passed! Over the past year and a half we have had:

A seat at the table with federal, provincial, regional, and municipal decision-makers more than 60 times, including:

A voice at more than 30 key housing events, such as: 

Written letters and/or spoken at public hearings for projects, such as:

  • 3131 John St, Port Moody (the city’s first PBR in over 30 years!)
  • Moody Centre Transit Oriented Development Plan, Port Moody
  • 431-455 West King Edward Ave, Vancouver
  • Burquitlam Park (579 Smith Ave), Coquitlam
  • Whitgift Gardens (530 and 550 Cottonwood Ave), Coquitlam
  • Suter Brook Parcel D, Port Moody
  • 1201 Fort Street, Victoria
  • 151 E Keith Ave, North Vancouver
  • 855 Kingsway, Vancouver
  • 4459 Rupert St, Vancouver
  • 1636 Clark Drive & 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver
  • 127-129 East 12th St, North Vancouver
  • 3428 - 3464 Mount Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver (rent-to-own!)
  • 3370 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Port Moody (the city’s second PBR in over 30 years!)
  • Driftwood Co-housing (2121, 2129, 2137 Chesterfield Ave), North Vancouver (affordable ownership!)
  • 1600-1640 Eastern Ave & 143 E 17th St, North Vancouver
  • 3560-3570 Hull St & 2070-2090 East 20th Ave, Vancouver
  • 686 East 22nd Avenue, 3811-3833 Fraser Street & 679 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver
  • Market Rental Housing Policy, Richmond (adopted Sept. 4, 2018)
  • East Fraser Lands ODP Amendments, Vancouver (to add more affordable housing units!)

... and have been featured in hundreds of media stories. 

What's next?

Scaling up supply-side wins, with a focus on purpose-built rental. We’re growing the voices of young people in municipal and provincial decisions, using letter-writing campaigns and rallying supporters to speak up at public hearings.

Want to get involved?

If you've got a project you think the community needs to hear about, let us know!

Additionally, we're always looking for kick-ass, like minded individuals to volunteer with us!  


Gen Squeeze helps connect residents with local decision-makers when it comes to housing that will help grow our communities. Here's how:
Our support for housing supply
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SUPPLY: Tell us about your housing project