The Hill Times: "Culture change" needed to reform system

The launch of Get Well Canada was featured in The Hill Times: Feds ‘walk the tightrope’ with health-care offer, but ‘culture change’ needed to reform system, says health expert. The article is only available to subscribers, so here are a few of our favourite quotes:

  • “By resisting provincial calls for even more medical spending, the Government of Canada has retained fiscal room to slow the flow of sickness into our clinics and hospitals because they are allowing room to invest where health begins,” in areas such as daycare, housing, and child care, said Dr. Paul Kershaw, who noted the federal government has already been ramping up its spending in these areas, and said the provinces should acknowledge that contribution.
  • “It worries me that we had a first ministers’ meeting that really did fail to recognize at certain key moments that health doesn’t begin with the medical care system. It begins on the social side where we’re born, grow, live, work and age,” said Kershaw. “And we need the culture change as much as the political change to actually transform our health-care system.”

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