The Lucky Ones
Go to school, get the job, fall in love, have the baby. That's how it's supposed to work, right?

Marie is an artist and accomplished spoken word poet with 10 years experience as an arts educator. She has worked in a variety of learning environments and currently teaches teens in Greater Victoria. A member of the 2016 Victoria Slam Poetry team, Marie is active in the spoken word community as a poet, facilitator, and youth coach.

“The Lucky Ones” speaks to her experience of choosing to embark upon the long-term, high-stakes project of bringing a child into our world at this particular time and place.

Marie would like to leave you warm, heart-full, and pensively hopeful. She believes in reckless acts of beauty and art. She believes in the power of stories.

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Marie Metaphor Specht
A poet, visual artist, teacher, and mother living in Victoria, B.C.
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The Lucky Ones
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