The Vancouver Foundation is Canada's largest community foundation, working throughout British Columbia to harness the gifts of ideas, money, time, and energy to build healthy, vibrant, livable communities.

Common Ground

The foundation shares our commitment to the concept of common ground itself, being publicly committed to “bringing together donors, non-profits and charities, government, media and academic institutions, local leaders, and passionate individuals to build meaningful and lasting change in the province of B.C.” We also share a specific commitment to ensuring “people enjoy levels of health and well-being achievable by addressing social determinants” like housing and child care.


Vancouver Foundation has supported us since our inception, and is currently contributing $75,000 (2018) to our #CodeRed affordability campaign and core operations.

We’re proud to have the support of the Vancouver Foundation, and we’d like you to consider supporting them! Learn about the many ways you can make a gift, here.

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Funding Partners
Funding Partners