Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative, and the largest credit union in Canada. Their vision is to redefine wealth in a way that furthers the financial, social, and environmental well-being of their members and communities.

Common Ground

We share a commitment with Vancity to ease the squeeze on younger residents in the marketplace, as reflected in their multi-year support for the development of our Perks program.

On the housing front, Vancity participated in our 2016 Building Housing Common Ground event. They helped shape ten common ground principles for tackling the #CodeRed housing crisis, of which it’s fair to say Vancity and Gen Squeeze share particular interest in:

  • Principle 5: “Innovate with new tenure and equity models”.
  • Principle 6: “Channel private investment to public benefit,” as reflected in Vancity’s efforts to provide flexible home ownership options, and to increase the supply of affordable rental and owned housing.


To help get our social enterprise Perks program off the ground, Vancity generously seconded us a staff person (the most-excellent Erin Robinson, now VP Operations) and supported the secondment with $40,000/year for two years (2015-2017).

We’re proud to have the support of Vancity Credit Union! If you live in B.C., we encourage you to check them out, including all the work they do to invest in our communities.

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Funding Partners
Funding Partners