Past policy chickens are coming home to roost

For decades, Canadian governments made short-sighted, harmful decisions that landed us with affordability, housing, medical care, and climate crises. Generation Squeeze founder & UBC policy professor Dr. Paul Kershaw introduces three of these past policy chickens that have come home to roost and explains why we need a federal Generational Fairness Task Force to clean up their mess.

The Bank of Mom and Dad

Bank of Mom and Dad jokes are condescending and distract us from an important question: why is the Bank of Mom and Dad so rich in the first place? Generational unfairness in our economic and political systems has favoured our aging population, while rigging the game of life against younger and future generations.

Canada's Generational Legacy is Horse Manure

Canadians are leaving an unfair legacy for younger and future generations: climate change, unaffordable housing and childcare, and massive government debts. Gen Squeeze wants to change that and make Canada work fairly for all generations. In this episode, learn how we can fix Canada's generational system.

The Myth of the Lazy Millennial and Poor Senior

The myths that young Canadians are lazy and seniors are poor have real power in our lives and fuel our broken generational system. Challenging these assumptions will help make Canada work more fairly for all generations. In this episode, join Gen Squeeze founder Dr. Paul Kershaw on a myth-busting mission!

Canada's Unaffordable Housing Crisis

Politicians prefer to blame government gatekeepers and foreign investors for Canada's housing crisis. But everyday Canadians also unintentionally contribute to the problem, by banking on housing as a tax-sheltered strategy to build wealth. To restore affordability for all, we need home prices to stall until earnings catch up.

Canada's Bad Budget Bunny

Canada's latest budget hides how politics benefits older generations more than younger and future generations. Gen Squeeze founder Dr. Paul Kershaw explains why it's a huge problem when governments hide generational unfairness in their essential spending plans, like an Easter bunny gone bad.

We Need GenFairnessChampions

Like you, we’re worried that governments aren’t acting quickly enough on big problems, like unaffordable housing, child care, climate change and growing debts. So if you’re feeling disillusioned, know that you’re not alone. We're calling on elected leaders from all parties to pledge to be #GenFairnessChampions.

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