Our Vision
A Canada that works for all generations.

Where we all have a chance to live up to our potential, enough time and money to enjoy life, and where we leave our country and planet better off than we found it.

While our vision is inclusive of all people and all ages, our driving focus is on the millions of younger Canadians (20s, 30s and 40s) who are trying to create a life for themselves, but are being held back by a 360-degree squeeze

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As younger Canadians finish school, begin careers, look for homes and start families, we are squeezed by stagnant incomes, high costs, less time and mounting debts (including a deteriorating environment) – even though our economy produces more wealth than ever before. While governments use this wealth to adapt policy for others, including our aging population, they continue down a path that leaves less and less for younger generations.         


Our mission is to ease the squeeze on Canadians in their forties and younger by influencing policy, providing member perks, and helping individuals adapt.

Desired Outcomes 

For younger Canadians to have a chance to:

  • Pay off student debt
  • Find a good job
  • Afford a home (renting or owning)
  • Afford a family (if they choose) 
  • Save for retirement
  • All while leaving at least as much as we inherited. 


We’re going to ease the squeeze by pursuing ten interconnected goals, which also serve as our research themes.


Our Purpose and Vision
Our Vision
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