Federal 2019 Voters Guide

You’re planning to vote this election. But it's hard to figure out where the parties stand or what all those promises really mean. You need a platform decoder. And we’ve got one! 

Gen Squeeze's Voter's Guide shows how far each party's election promises go towards *actually* solving big problems facing young people — and all Canadians. 

Get the Infographic

We scored party platforms on more than 50 criteria across 4 key issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting. With one quick scroll, the infographic shows the scores for all 4 issues.


The infographic is a PDF file (it can be viewed on any device but is best for saving to your computer or tablet). Here's a printable version.

Get the Scorecards

For easier saving to your phone (think camera roll), check out these individual scorecards for each issue:

Download the issue scorecards you care most about by clicking these links and saving to your device: 

Share the Voter's Guide

The only thing stopping Canadians from making an informed vote on Oct. 21 is, well, information. You can help share this Voter's Guide on social media: 



Get the Full Analysis 

Go beyond the summary scores and dive into a full analysis of the four key issues — with scores for each party on more than 50 criteria.

Discover where parties stand on specific policies you might be passionate about like universal child care, tackling housing speculation, or making it easier to switch to an electric car.

Or check out the scoring methodology and gameplans that visualize how we can solve some of the big problems facing young people today. 👇

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