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It’s one scrolling infographic that shows how the parties score and compare on ALL the issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting. Hot tip – we also include voting dates!

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The full Voter's Guide is a PDF file. It can be viewed on any device, but it's best for saving to your computer or tablet.

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We created individual scorecards for each issue that are easier to save to your phone (think camera roll) than the full infographic. Download the issue scorecards you care most about, or all four!





If you can’t download these materials right now, don’t worry! We’ve emailed you a link to this page so you can do it later or on a different device.

Stay in the know

Gen Squeeze is updating each party’s score (and all these materials) as they continue to make announcements between now and Oct. 21. What you see on this page are the most current versions of the infographic and scorecards.

Gen Squeeze will also notify you about updated infographics/scorecards by email, so you can make sure you've got the most current version.

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