What You'll Get
Through all our work we aim to give you five things: Information, Influence, Benefits, Ideas and a sense of Service and Community

A Generational Spyglass

We’ll equip you with a generational spyglass, through which to view your own sense of being squeezed or the squeeze felt by your friends or family. Shaped by the best available evidence, looking through this lens sharpens our vision about what's really happening around us.  You'll see you are not alone -- that there are millions of Canadians feeling squeezed just like you.

You’ll see that much of the squeeze is about generational circumstances you’ve inherited, NOT about you doing something wrong, or working less hard than your parents, or expecting more.

These larger circumstances are calling out for us to adapt together to the challenges facing Canadians in their forties and younger, but our governments are failing to adequately heed that call.

A Lobby

That’s why we aim to build you a lobby, and with it, give you influence over policies that could ease the squeeze and save you and your family tens of thousands of dollars.  

And More

It’s hard to pick one word to communicate everything you’re about. We’re highlighting the lobbying aspect of our work because we like the energy of it. But we want to do more for you than the word “lobby” normally implies.

Through all our work, we aim to give you five things: Information, Influence, Benefits, Ideas and a sense of Service and Community.

  • Information. In addition to helping you find yourself in the bigger picture, there’s a federal election coming up. Our political parties are staking out their positions and making announcements. We’ll give you non-partisan, expert analysis of their proposals and platforms, as they relate to the squeeze.

  • More Influence over the policies that govern your life and that of your family. We have a good idea about how adapt those policies to help you. Because many of you lead busy, sometimes-stressful lives, rather than ask you to take on something extra we’d like to lobby for you. For those who have the time, motivation and energy to get more actively involved, we’re eager to lobby with you.

If you have or are considering a family, policies like a New Deal for Families could save you tens of thousands of dollars while benefiting our broader society. And we’re developing policies to help squeezed Canadians in other stages of life, too.

  • Benefits, just like you might get with other membership programs. But our benefits will be discounts, products and services specifically tailored to help ease the daily squeeze on Canadians in their 40s and younger [our membership program is currently under development].

  • Ideas about how you can make smart adaptions to ease the squeeze in your own life.

  • Another way to get that satisfying sense of Service and Community. We can do our best in our own lives, and we can ask government to follow suit, but in the middle there are infinite opportunities to team up locally to help ease the squeeze on ourselves and others. We’ll work with partner organizations and identify some solid choices.

What You'll Get
What You'll Get
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