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A precious political window is now open. The current government and official opposition are both battling to win younger voters, while retaining support from older Canadians who have higher rates of voter turnout. Your voice can help show that a federal Generational Fairness Task Force is a win-win for political parties. Launching a task force would signal that Ottawa is taking unprecedented action to address why hard work is not paying off for younger Canadians as it did for past generations, while also protecting healthy retirements for everyone and leaving a legacy of which we are all proud.

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Tell us how generational unfairness touches your life and the lives of those you love – and why you believe a Task Force will help restore Canada's promise to younger and future generations. Personal testimonials are a powerful way to help our elected leaders see problems in a new light and show that Canadians care about fixing generational tensions.

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Watch our latest video to understand how today’s generational tensions are rooted in policy decisions made decades ago. And please share it on social media or email it to friends and family!

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