Win up to $15,000 in our Video Contest

sharecard_banner_Web.jpgNeed some help paying your rent, mortgage, tuition, student debt, child care, etc.? 

Enter our 2015 Squeeze Back Video Contest! We're paying the winners' expenses up to $15,000 (there're two Peoples' Choice prizes of $5,000 and one Judges' Choice prize of $5,000). 

It's all part of our mission to ease the squeeze, and to strengthen our election message: that our politicians need to invest more in younger Canadians (and invest wisely). 

We're looking for short videos that play with our contest theme. Serious videos, funny videos, smartphone camera videos, fancy camera videos, we'll accept them all. 

All skill levels welcome! If you're thinking of submitting something, we suggest signing up to receive contest tips and updates

Ryan Vandecasteyen
A full service digital creative agency that's all about working with the people and organizations that protect our planet and make the world a better place.
Win up to $15,000 in our Video Contest
Win up to $15,000 in our Video Contest
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