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Younger Canadians are being squeezed. Help squeeze back.

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We implement solutions by using our research to educate and mobilize Canadians to:

  • Influence provincial and federal governments to build better budgets
  • Influence political parties to build better election platforms (and then better budgets)
  • Study and report on budgets and platforms so the public can make well-informed judgements about whether these government and party plans are in line with the evidence

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Use and Share our tools to influence provincial and federal budgets. Government budgets shape all policies. That means, if we want policies for housing affordability, child care, climate change, wellbeing and intergenerational fairness, it needs to be in the budget. Budgets are shaped many months before they are released.  It is imperative for citizens to raise their voices and share the evidence during the budget development process. Our efforts to influence the next government budgets begin with our analyses of their last ones (eg. federal, BC). Sign up to receive our next budget recommendations as they become available, along with opportunities to share them with decision-makers. 

Use and Share our Voter's Guides during elections. The more that parties know we will evaluate their platforms, the more they will seek positive evaluations by aligning their promises with the evidence about how to make Canada work for all generations.

Donate. All of our activities to educate, advocate and advise take resources. So even if you personally are short on time to engage, you can be a strong supporter of Gen Squeeze by investing in others to engage on your behalf.

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Take Action
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