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Generation Squeeze is a force for intergenerational fairness, to improve Canada’s wellbeing, powered by the younger voices and backed by cutting edge research. 



We share our research with the public so that everyone knows about the squeeze, how we can fix it and whether our governments are up to the task.


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We recruit younger Canadians from across the country to participate in campaigns and get informed.



We mobilize that power through campaigns to push governments to implement solutions to fix the squeeze. Check out our active campaigns.



We provide advice to governments when they seek out our expertise about solutions to elements of the squeeze.

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We are right in the thick of things is reflected in the fact that key issues of intergenerational justice are front and centre in the throne speech – housing affordability, family affordability (especially child care), and climate change. It is exciting that the Government promises important action in each of these areas, including $10 a day child care which has roots in Gen Squeeze.
The parties accelerate spending on retirees faster than spending on younger Canadians.
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