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Generation Squeeze is blazing trails to a Canada that works for all generations, where young and old alike can thrive. We're a THINK and CHANGE Tank, because that's the kind of organization it takes to accomplish the hard work of changing systems. We have a track record of turning bold ideas into lasting policy changes that improve countless lives.


future lives improved by securing legal support for pricing pollution, as leader of a coalition of youth organizations protecting future generations from today's climate messes. (And yes, we know infinity is not a number.)

1 federal budget promising Fairness for Every Generation, because hard work no longer pays off today the way it did for previous generations

$30 billion in child care investments mobilized under the banner of the Gen Squeeze $10-a-day brand

$4 billion in federal housing supports opened to young people when we got them recognized as a vulnerable group in Canada's National Housing Strategy

10+ years of holding governments to account through our budget analyses and voters guides, equipping Canadians with information they need to participate in our democracy

1 province formally acknowledging the need for generational fairness in BC's budget, laying the groundwork for investments that promote wellbeing for all ages

2 town halls with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister affirming the importance of generational fairness for Canada

3 federal political parties (Liberals, NDP, Greens) and several international allies in podcast conversations with us, showcasing generational fairness as a non-partisan issue of global importance

20,000 homes returned to the long-term rental market with Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax, the first in North America

44,000+ Canadians supporting a movement for generational fairness

71 briefings in a single year with political and public officials to share evidence-based solutions – most are invited meetings with decision-makers

$67+ million in equivalent to advertising value through our earned media

2,400+ media references and more than 1 billion media impressions annually, bringing generational fairness to public dialogue

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“I also want to recognize the work and contribution that Paul [Kershaw] and the Generation Squeeze team have done… You can sometimes wonder — is your work… actually making a difference? And I think you wonder that because it doesn't always. But Generation Squeeze, in your work, really has put this issue on the national agenda, and you created kind of a body of thinking that was very helpful for us to draw on.”

Chrystia Freeland

Chrystia Freeland

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

“There's something [that's] fundamentally shifted in our economy that young people don't have the kinds of opportunities they had before. And that's what we're trying to get at [in the Budget]. And that's where you, and folks like you, have been so incredibly helpful in our thinking.”

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister, speaking with Gen Squeeze founder Paul Kershaw

“Thank you for all that you do with Gen Squeeze. To be totally honest, for a long time I didn’t quite have the words or facts to support how I was feeling -- i.e. anger, frustration or disappointment. All stemming from this feeling that I could/should have done more to get into the housing market. Gen Squeeze provides the evidence that it was not my doing, nor my lack of hard work, that has blocked me out of the housing market.”



Gen Squeeze supporter

Gen Squeeze is “existential for the health of Canadian politics and Canadian democracy.”

Sean Speer

Sean Speer

Hard Truths guest & The Hub's Editor-at-large

“Generation Squeeze has a proven track record of influencing public policy at all levels of government. On the national and provincial stage Generation Squeeze has influence far beyond social advocacy groups of comparable size or even beyond some of the largest social policy groups in the country. This includes contributing policy language for government Budget documents, presenting at Cabinet policy retreats, and one-on-one dialogue with senior Cabinet Ministers and Premiers. Beyond this role in educating elected decision makers, Generation Squeeze works with future leaders involved in policy. This includes hosting young Parliament Hill staffers at a policy breakfast on generational fairness and sharing insights with political assistants across a wide variety of cabinet offices. Perhaps Generation Squeeze’s greatest contribution, comes from its oversized role in shaping public opinion in the media and on social media. Dr. Kershaw not only delivers on air and in print but has significant influence on educating journalists behind the scenes.”

Huw Williams

Huw Williams

President, Impact Public Affairs

“Gen Squeeze is my go-to source for provincial and federal budget analyses. Their team has a knack for translating huge amounts of data and research into crisp takeaways and helpful infographics. For folks who lack the time (or patience!) to sift through extensive budget documents on their own, Gen Squeeze can be trusted to do the heavy lifting and weigh in on how well we are — or aren’t — tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our country.”


Gen Squeeze supporter

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