The Gen Squeeze Charity

The incorporated name of the Generation Squeeze charity is the Association for Generational Equity (AGE).  Our charitable status number is 83239 0199 RR0001. AGE operates publicly as Generation Squeeze, as one of two organizations that make up the Generation Squeeze university-community collaboration (otherwise known as our Think and Change Tank). The charity works with the Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab to disseminate and mobilize research to make findings accessible to Canadians and their political leaders, and build a network of people who believe that Canada should work for all generations.  

The charity has two formal purposes: 

  • To advance education for the general public by conducting and supporting research on public policies related to intergenerational fairness, and promote and foster the application of this research to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians from the early years onwards.
  • To make available research about intergenerational fairness, health and wellbeing to all Canadians through knowledge dissemination (as defined by the Canadians Institutes of Health Research), knowledge translation (as defined by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research), and knowledge mobilization (as defined by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council).

The Gen Squeeze charity is guided and supported by a strong governance team of volunteer organizational directors and members.  Meet our board and members here.

The Gen Squeeze charity is responsible for our university-community collaboration’s compliance with regulations designed to promote the health of our democracy, including third-party election advertising, lobbying, privacy, spam, etc.


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