How can we be better ancestors?

Within families, generations care for one another and strive to create a better future for their kids and grandkids. Generation Squeeze is calling for the same intergenerational solidarity and long-term stewardship from our governments.

By championing generational fairness, we're building a Canada where young and old alike have the chance to thrive, while being good ancestors to those who follow in our footsteps.

We're asking Canadians and our elected leaders to:

Be Good Stewards

Be good stewards

Preserve what we hold sacred for those who follow: a healthy childhood, home, and planet.
Follow the Golden Rule

Follow the golden rule

Treat all generations as you would want your own generation to be treated.
Plan for All Ages

Plan for all ages

Use our public resources wisely to meet Canadians’ needs from the early years onwards.

Generation Squeeze develops and advocates for policy solutions that will make Canada work more fairly for all generations:

Map to a Canada that works for all generations - paths for housing, family, investing in the wellbeing of all ages, and climate stewardship
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