Gen Squeeze is deeply committed to the principles of independence, transparency, and accountability.  These principles are important to ensure credibility in our public policy dialogue and engagement, and to maintain the integrity of our work overall. 

We meet the following standards for all of our funding:

  • Gen Squeeze does not accept funding that limits or restricts our independence in research and analysis, or resulting publications, communications and engagement activities.
  • Gen Squeeze research and policy judgments are made independently, and not on the basis of donor or funder support. These judgements are guided by the best available evidence, and the expertise of our network of research alliances, partners and volunteers.
  • As a non-partisan organization, Gen Squeeze does not accept any money from political parties.
  • Commercial interests do not provide any funding for the activities of the Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab. The lab is currently led by Dr. Paul Kershaw, a tenured Professor whose salary is paid for by the University of British Columbia.
  • Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors or their products, services or opinions.

Gen Squeeze is committed to pursuing sufficient funding to enable us to compensate our staff and contractors with fair, professional wages.  Although we are a small organization that still wrestles with financial uncertainty, providing adequate remuneration is part of living up to our values, and helping to ease the squeeze for younger team members.

When the Gen Squeeze charity accepts funding from commercial interests, we do so only to amplify community engagement activities selected in light of the existing evidence produced from the independent Gen Squeeze Lab that Dr. Kershaw runs at UBC, along with the evidence from the academy and community experts more generally.

Funding Summary

We’re proud to receive financial and in-kind support from a diverse mix of individual donors and academic, government, philanthropic and private sector funders. 

Current funders include individual donors and:


Past funders include:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Vancity Credit Union
  • UBC Community-University Engagement Support
  • West Coast Environmental Law
  • Ratcliff & Company
  • Urban Development Institute, Pacific Region
  • Wesgroup charitable giving


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