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Elections are key moments in any democracy. Political leaders are especially likely to be listening to us when they ask for our votes. Voters are especially likely to be thinking about what’s working, what should be fixed, and who can deliver the fixes we need. That’s why Gen Squeeze works hard during elections to produce Voters Guides that bring you the unvarnished facts about what political parties are (or aren’t) doing to build a Canada that works for all generations.

Our Voters Guides deliver non-partisan, evidence-based assessments of the commitments made by political parties on issues that matter for generational fairness. Our mission is to help voters better understand how far each party's platform goes towards actually solving big problems that prop up our broken generational system, so they are equipped with this information in the voting booth.

If you’re feeling skeptical about the value of voting, we encourage you to remember that democracy continues on, with or without you! At Gen Squeeze, we think the way to feel less cynical about politics is not to opt out—but to double down on opting in. That’s because individuals may be able to hack a broken system to find a short-term patch, but a lasting repair is something no one person can manage alone. 

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Our commitment to non-partisanship

At Gen Squeeze, we take our commitment to non-partisanship very seriously. We do not take funding from political parties or candidates. Our Voters’ Guides are not intended to portray any party or candidate in favourable or unfavourable ways, nor to direct people to vote for or against any party or candidate. That’s why different parties will often end up with the top ranking on different issues – because we’re assessing based on the evidence, not on ideology.

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Gen Squeeze third-party election advertising 

Gen Squeeze always complies with election regulations and requirements. Whenever necessary, we register with provincial or federal elections oversight bodies so that we can legally run ads about our generational fairness platform analyses during elections. This is often required because our Voters Guides speak to issues with which candidates and parties may be associated. When registration isn’t possible, we don’t run ads to ensure we remain compliant with the relevant legislation.

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