Alberta Votes 2023

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Alberta housing advantage
Will they protect Alberta’s housing advantage by keeping prices in reach of what hard work can earn?
Alberta families
Will they help Alberta families squeeze back against rising living costs with affordable child care?
Alberta natural resources
Will they steward Alberta’s natural resources to preserve what’s sacred for their kids and grandkids?
Alberta invest fairly in all generations
Will they prove to young people that their future in Alberta matters by investing fairly in all generations?

Alberta is next up on the provincial election trail, with the votes due to be cast in May 2023. Gen Squeeze is your one-stop shop for information on the road to election day.

We’ll flag what matters from the Throne Speech. We’ll decode government spending plans in the provincial Budget. And we’ll bring you the first-ever Alberta edition of our Voters Guide, so you know how political leaders are doing on key issues — like helping families afford housing and child care.

The Gen Squeeze Lab at the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health breaks down party platforms to get past the spin to the hard truths about what’s on offer. Because no matter who you vote for, we want you to vote informed.

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