Generation Squeeze breaks down government budgets to show how fairly we're investing in all ages.

We know most people are squeezed enough worrying about their own household budgets. Who has the bandwidth to comb through hundreds of pages of government documents to understand how tax dollars are being spent?

We do that dirty work for you to bring you insights into government spending that you won't find anywhere else.

In March, the Prime Minister promised that Budget 2024 will deliver “Fairness for Every Generation.” Learn more:

Budget Recommendations and Commentary

“Gen Squeeze is my go-to source for provincial and federal budget analyses. Their team has a knack for translating huge amounts of data and research into crisp takeaways and helpful infographics. For folks who lack the time (or patience!) to sift through extensive budget documents on their own, Gen Squeeze can be trusted to do the heavy lifting and weigh in on how well we are — or aren’t — tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our country.”

— Ian Klesmer, Gen Squeeze supporter

What do we want to see in 2024 budgets?

  • Put generational fairness at the centre of policy and budget decisions by creating Generational Fairness Task Forces.
  • Ground housing policy in the principle that restoring housing affordability for all requires home prices to stall, so that earnings can catch up.
  • Strengthen accountability by filling in and fixing current data gaps — including what we spend by age, what we spend on treating illness versus creating health, how housing price inflation is measured, and whether we're meeting our climate goals.
  • Invest adequately in $10 a day child care to make $10 the maximum fee (with no fee for low-income families), while securing fair professional wages for early childhood educators to attract and retain these critical workers.
  • Protect pollution pricing, because we can't solve our wallet problems by neglecting our climate problem.

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Why should you care about government budgets?

Generation Squeeze works year-round to influence budgets, because these documents chart the course for everything else our governments do. If we want a Canada that works fairly for all ages, our government budgets must invest fairly in all ages.

We all value healthy retirements for our aging loved ones. But past governments didn’t work out how to pay for the Baby Boom's retirement as they require more medical care and income supports in old age.

To compensate for this short-sighted planning, governments have shortchanged younger generations and left massive unpaid bills for future Canadians. For decades governments have grown spending on older Canadians more urgently than they've invested in the social supports that younger people need, like affordable housing, child care, parental leave, and adapting to climate change.

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