Canada needs a Generational Fairness Task Force

Why doesn’t hard work pay off today the way it did for previous generations?
Why are younger people struggling to afford homes, start families, and adapt to extreme weather?

The hard truth: past policy chickens have come home to roost.

For decades, governments made short-sighted, harmful decisions that landed us with affordability, housing, medical care, and climate crises. We’ll never resolve these crises without acknowledging and fixing the intergenerational tensions at their root.

That’s why we need a federal Task Force on Generational Fairness, to clean up the messes made by past policy chickens, and stop more bad eggs from hatching.

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The Task Force will be a generational fairness checkpoint for all decisions, across the whole of government. Changing a single policy is important, but comprehensive change requires shifting how governments set priorities and design budgets at the highest levels.

The Task Force can create this shift by making generational fairness a litmus test at Cabinet and Treasury tables. Policies that pass this test will ensure people of all ages can thrive, today and for generations to come.

Still not convinced? Check out these five ways a task force can make a big impact.

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