Why doesn’t hard work pay off today the way it did for previous generations?
Why are younger people struggling to afford homes, start families, and adapt to extreme weather?

The hard truth: past policy chickens have come home to roost.

For decades, governments made short-sighted, harmful decisions that landed us with affordability, housing, medical care, and climate crises. For the past year, we've pushed for a federal Task Force on Generational Fairness to clean up these messes made by past policy chickens, and to stop more bad eggs from hatching.

Thanks to a legion of supporters and deep dialogue with decision-makers, we got even more than we asked for: an entire federal budget focused on "Fairness for Every Generation." Earlier in the 2024 budget season, we celebrated another huge victory when BC committed to generational fairness in its Budget Strategic Plan

Few actions have potential to yield as much influence as naming generational fairness as a guiding principle for policy and investment priorities in a high-level document like the budget, which sets the course for everything governments do.

Our work is far from over though

Now we need to keep pushing these governments to deliver on their promises and ask other provinces and territories to follow their lead.

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