Fighting climate despair with Elin Kelsey

It's been another rough summer for those of us worried about whether our planet will remain habitable for younger and future generations. So for this episode, we talked to environmental educator and author Elin Kelsey about fighting climate doomism with evidence-based hope.

Elin Kelsey is the author of "Why Hope Matters: Why changing the way we think is critical to solving the environmental crisis." She's penned several children's books and articles for Hakai Magazine and was a co-creator of #oceanoptimism.

Looking for solutions after this episode? We've got a few! Check out our policy solutions for ⁠climate⁠, ⁠housing⁠, ⁠family affordability⁠, ⁠wellbeing⁠, and ⁠investing fairly in all ages⁠

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