The world's first Intergenerational Fairness Day

November 16, 2023 marked the first worldwide day of action on intergenerational fairness.  

Voices from Canada, US, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Nigeria, Australia and from United Nations Foundation Next Generation Fellows called on governments to act urgently to reverse the deteriorating wellbeing of younger and future generations.

International partners agree that governments “focus on solving short-term problems with little regard to long-term sustainability, whether it be natural resources, government spending or investment in the futures of younger and future generations.” These actions violate the intergenerational golden rule to treat other generations as you want your own to be treated.

To mark the occasion, Gen Squeeze doubled down on calling Ottawa to create a federal Task Force on Generational Fairness. The Task Force will clean up past policy messes that prevent hard work from paying off today the way it did for previous generations, leaving younger people struggling to afford housing, raise families, and cope with extreme weather. It will also make sure new policies support people of all ages to thrive, today and for generations to come. We hope you’ll lend your voice to our growing choir of supporters.

News Roundup from Intergenerational Fairness Day

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