A New Deal for Families

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We call on local, provincial, and federal governments to implement a New Deal for Families built on three key planks:

1. Expanding parental leave. 

2. Building $10aDay child care.

3. Enabling more flex time at work.

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Compared to a generation ago, starting a family today is much more difficult.

Many parents are unable to spend even 12 months at home with a newborn, whereas a generation ago it was common for a parent to stay home several years. The cost of child care today is often around $40/day, whereas the majority of families didn’t incur these costs a generation ago when it was more affordable for a parent to stay home until kids started school, and there was less concern about gender inequality.

Our flagship family policy proposal, the New Deal for Families, pinpoints 3 policies to reduce the time, income and service squeeze for those who want or have young kids.

For more details, check out this oldie-but-goodie fact sheet.


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A New Deal for Families
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