New Deal for Families

Our flagship family policy proposal, the New Deal for Families, pinpoints 3 policies to reduce the time, income and service squeeze for those who want or have young kids:


Make 18 months affordable for parents to share at home with a newborn.

Many today don’t even have 12 months, whereas a generation ago it was common for a parent to stay home several years.


Build 10$/day child care.

Today the cost is often around $40/day, whereas the majority of families didn’t incur these costs a generation ago when it was more affordable for a parent to stay home until kids started school, and there was less concern about gender inequality.

These two policies would save the typical family around $50k over their children’s first five years, and support a third change.


Make it more affordable for households to get by on 70 hour work weeks, down from 80 hours that many couples put in now, and help lone parents do better than they do now with just one earner.

Saving young families $50k mean they can also:

  • Pay off the average student debt & reduce by four years the time it takes to save a 20% down payment on a home in average school district

  • Or pay down the mortgage far faster

  • Or invest as savings that will be worth $141k by the time Gen Squeeze retires.

The New Deal requires narrowing the generational spending gap only slightly.
  It would raise government spending per Canadian under age 45 from $12k to $13k, while keeping spending around $33k+ per retiree.

Fact is, small changes can make a Big difference for Gen Squeeze.


The New Deal for Families is rooted in years of research from Gen Squeeze Founder, Dr. Paul Kershaw, and Gen Squeeze Senior Researcher Lynell Anderson, CPA.

The New Deal targets families with young children. Even if that’s not you, chances are it may be you in the future, or it would directly help someone you know, as well as bringing broader societal benefits like less school failure, less crime, less illness, less poverty, more gender equality, and savings for the business community.

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