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The next provincial election in Ontario is fast-approaching. Since many citizens will cast their ballot for the party they believe will best steward the provincial economy, we wrote this report to showcase the performance of the Ontario economy relative to other provinces and over time.
Heading into the 2017 B.C. provincial election, we were hearing a lot about having Canada's strongest economy. We wrote this report to show that for young people, B.C. actually has the worst performing economy in Canada.
In this commentary published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, we argue governments should be containing medical care spending, and investing more in the social determinants of health.
We launched our CODE RED campaign along with this report, which shows how much housing affordability has deteriorated in Metro Vancouver since the 70's. It ends with 10 propositions for rethinking housing policy so that other regions can avoid the same fate.
Canadian governments don't invest equally in people of different ages. We call this difference in social spending the "age gap". In this report, we show how big the federal age gap was in advance of the 2015 election.
This paper documents a method to measure how Canadian social spending breaks down by age. This kind of analysis is crucial in assessing Canada's progress towards generational equity.
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