Rejuvenate democracy

Fewer people are voting in elections. Trust in public institutions is declining. Incivility in political and public dialogue is on the rise. It’s disheartening to lose faith in governments’ ability to deliver positive change for Canadians. It’s also bad for generational fairness, because none of us can fix our broken generational system alone. Governments must play a lead role. Only they have key levers needed to implement solutions. 

That’s why Gen Squeeze is in the business of rejuvenating democracy. That might sound ambitious, but we’re not alone in thinking it. Others have described Gen Squeeze as “existential for the health of Canadian politics and Canadian democracy".

Rather than letting frustration drive you to opt out of politics, Gen Squeeze asks Canadians to double down on opting in. That means expecting more—not less—from our elected leaders. It also means expecting more—not less—from ourselves.

As participants in our democracy, we each help to create the politics we get. We cast votes (or not). We get informed about issues and solutions (or we don’t). We make our voices heard on what matters to us (or we remain silent).

Being an active participant in democracy isn’t a challenge to face alone. We know people are squeezed for time. And we know that governments don’t always make it easy to find information or ask questions. That’s why Gen Squeeze has got your back with our policy solution frameworks, budget analyses, and Voters Guides. Plus, we’re always working hard behind the scenes to bring our recommendations directly to elected officials, trading on our reputation for credible, evidence-based analysis.

Individuals may be able to hack a broken system to find a short-term patch, but a lasting repair isn’t something that any one person can manage alone. Joining our network is one way to add your voice to a positive agenda for change, to make politics—and Canada—work for all generations.

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