Rejuvenate democracy

Yup, we really do think we’re in the business of rejuvenating democracy!  That may sound ambitious, but we’re not alone in thinking it.  Sean Speer, a former Prime Ministerial aide, has observed that Gen Squeeze is “existential for the health of Canadian politics and Canadian democracy".

We are rejuvenating democracy by showing why politics matters for achieving the goal of generational fairness – and that allowing frustration to drive you to opt out can never be a winning tactic.  

No one individual or group can change the systems that create and sustain generational unfairness.  Governments must play a lead role because they have the policy and fiscal tools that operate at the systems level – tools that can be used to implement Gen Squeeze’s policy solutions provincially and federally.

When you can’t solve a problem alone, you have to convince others to help – no matter how hard or slow or frustrating that is.  Gen Squeeze is asking Canadians to double down on participating in the political process, and to expect more – not less – from our elected leaders.  That’s why we hope you’ll join us, so together we can build our reach and influence.

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