BC makes historic commitment to generational fairness in new budget

Sound the trumpets and roll out the streamers! We're thrilled to announce pivotal progress in our journey towards a Canada that works for all ages. BC has made an unprecedented commitment to generational fairness in the province’s 2024 spending plan.

BC Budget 2024 Strategic Plan recognizes Generation Squeeze’s leadership and affirms that:

“Our government is determined to make B.C. work for all generations, focusing on strengthening healthcare, and making improvements in child care, education, post-secondary and housing to help people get ahead. We’re committed to planning for all ages and investing wisely in well-being, from the early years onward.”

This promise is a first for Canada and a huge victory for our 43,000+ supporters. After more than a decade of sustained, collective effort, we have turned our country’s compass a few degrees towards a fairer future, in which young and old alike have a chance to thrive.

“We’re hugely grateful to Premier Eby and his Cabinet for inviting us to share our insights and acting on our research,” said Paul Kershaw, Gen Squeeze founder and UBC health policy professor. “By putting generational fairness at the strategic heart of this budget, our leaders are charting a better course for BC’s future.”

Now we need more governments across Canada to follow BC’s lead. With other provincial and federal budgets on the horizon, please join us in urging your elected reps to commit to generational fairness as a guiding principle in their spending plans.

Check out our full analysis of BC's 2024 budget and our 2024 Budget Season page for more commentary. And join us on February 28 for our next Community Call to talk about BC’s game-changing commitment, and what lies ahead in budgets to come.

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