Budget Season 2024 Toolkit

The BC government made an historic commitment to generational fairness in its 2024 budget. Now we need to push other governments to embrace generational fairness as a guiding principle and commit to investing fairly in all ages. Here are ways you can help:

If you’re in BC, pat your government on the back for their vision, bravery, and leadership!
  • Send your Premier and his Cabinet some praise. Find contact information for Premier Eby's office here.
  • Share one of these graphics on social channels to celebrate your province's bold commitment to generational fairness.
BC's historic commitment to generational fairness
If you’re outside BC, show off BC's commitment to your provincial leaders. Ask them to follow BC's lead and invest fairly in all generations by following our budget recommendations for your province.

BC commits to working for all generations

Urge our federal government to follow BC's lead and launch a Generational Fairness Task Force.
Persuade everyone to care about government budgets as much as we do.

Despite our best efforts, there may still be a few Canadians out there who do not understand how many of today's crises are fuelled by decades of governments underinvesting in younger generations. If you know such a person, talk to them about why government budgets are so important. Here are some conversation starters:

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