Fostering democratic engagement through education

Generation Squeeze is a force for intergenerational fairness, to improve Canada’s wellbeing, powered by voices of younger Canadians and those who love them – all backed by cutting-edge research. We strive for a Canada that works for all generations. 

Goal: We aim to sustain and replicate our efforts to inform Canadians about how the policy proposals of political parties align with evidence on actions needed to advance intergenerational fairness and wellbeing, from the early years onwards.

Generation Squeeze works to educate voters – particularly those in their 20s, 30s and 40s – on the extent to which party platform commitments meaningfully tackle top-of-mind issues like housing and family affordability, climate change, and well-being budgeting.


Generation Squeeze’s evidence-based policy solutions frameworks formed the foundation of our platform analysis, building from expertise across the Gen Squeeze ecosystem. In the lead up to elections, we translate our platform analysis into a non-partisan, score-based Voter’s Guide that can be easily used and shared by the public. 

What we achieved in the 2021 federal election

  • The Voter’s Guide reached over 839,000 people with nearly 1.5 million impressions over the final two weeks of the election (Sept 6-19). Many more will have seen and used the guide, thanks to it being shared widely by email, social media and the press, including CTV news, City News, CBC, and Maclean’s.
  • The Guide attracted over 20,000 people to dig deeper into our analysis of what party commitments really mean for generational fairness, and how far they will move us towards solutions. We achieved this reach with almost no advertising budget (<$10,000).
  • Multiple national political parties engaged directly with the Voter’s Guide in their social media. Our scorecard approach influenced parties to adapt their platform commitments to speak to the actions outlined in our solutions frameworks. That’s power.
  • Generation Squeeze was mentioned in over 470 print, radio and online media stories between August 15 and Election Day, September 20. This media coverage reached a combined audience of 289,091,376 across Canada.
  • Generation Squeeze garnered more media coverage during the election period than many similar policy-focused organizations, reflecting the importance and uniqueness of our timely and rigorous analysis.
  • The detailed housing platform analysis was the most viewed Voter’s Guide content. Extensive media coverage of this analysis included syndicated CBC interviews across Canada on September 15.
  • As a registered third party issue advertiser, Generation Squeeze was one of few organizations that supported voters with detailed information about the climate commitments of federal parties, supported by experts at the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. Check out sample media coverage from BC and Ontario.
  • Generation Squeeze was a leading voice during the election on affordability for Canadian families, in particular helping to make clear for Canadians the different visions for making child care more affordable.


What others had to say 

“I relied on the Voter Guide to the 2021 federal election produced by Generation Squeeze for well researched, comprehensive insights into the platforms advanced by the parties. Access to information based on a sound, transparent approach to non-partisan advocacy is essential to informed voter engagement in free, democratic elections, and the Voter Guide set a high bar in achieving this goal.”  (CEO of housing organization)


“Generation Squeeze’s Voter Guide to the 2021 federal election provided a master class example of how evidence based advocacy should be done. It was clear, concise, and backed by a solid methodology, providing voters with the information they needed to make informed choices.”  (CEO of housing organization)


“Generation Squeeze’s voter engagement work with top climate economist Dave Sawyer is absolutely essential. Canadians care about climate change, but it's often not clear who or what we should vote for. The climate scorecard makes a complex issue accessible – it combines rigorous analysis with effective communications. It is invaluable to have a trusted organization like Generation Squeeze help Canadians to ‘look under the hood’ at what is being promised by political parties. Ideally, this work would include provincial-party platforms as well.”  (Director of climate organization)


“The social media presence for the Generation Squeeze Voter’s Guide was excellent, and the design of the supporting resources, like the guide, was superb.  It covers all of the relevant family policy issues very clearly, both for leaders in the sector, and for citizens who are looking for accessible, evidence-informed analyses at voting time.”  (CEO of child care organization)

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