Win, sometimes!

We’re proud of our track record in achieving policy changes that advance generational fairness – and that make a real difference in the lives of younger people who are feeling squeezed (along with the parents and grandparents who help them).   

Plus, these successes confirm that our approach to fixing the broken generational system is working! 

That’s why we’re not resting on our laurels.  We need to continue to mobilize rigorous academic evidence, synthesize this evidence into clear policy solutions, and most importantly, raise our voices together to call for action.

Check out the links below to learn more about our wins for generational fairness.  And we hope you’ll join us to build our influence to achieve even more!

Budget for all generations

Budget for wellbeing

  • Wins for housing, families, and climate are all wins when it comes to investing in the real roots of wellbeing! Because evidence confirms that health doesn’t start with medical care – it starts where we are born, grow, live, work and age.
  • A recent big win – we’ve successfully raised the funds needed to really ramp up our efforts to change the conversation about health in Canada, and make room for something more than medical care. Because so long as Canadians can’t access safe homes, good incomes, quality child care, and a healthy environment, our medical care system will never be enough to prevent people from dying early.

Family affordability

  • Alongside tireless child care advocates, the work of Gen Squeeze drove historic multi-billion dollar investments in $10 a day child care by the Government of Canada.  Plans are now in place in all provinces to move forward on making affordable child care a reality.  This win underscores the importance of not just talking about the evidence – but about framing this evidence effectively to catalyze change. That’s a unique Gen Squeeze value add!
  • Gen Squeeze was key player in pushing BC to lead the way on $10 a day child care in Canada – and now all jurisdictions have followed suit, riding the coattails of federal investments.
  • Gen Squeeze worked hard to achieve improvements to parental leave that mean greater flexibility for moms who take leave, and more reasons for dads to take leave too. 

Housing affordability

SaplingClimate change

  • A huge win for Gen Squeeze in climate change! Gen Squeeze led a coalition of organizations to intervene into the Courts of Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada, to defend the constitutionality of pricing pollution on the grounds it is needed to promote population health and intergenerational equity.

Wins for the Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab

As a university-community collaboration, the Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab is instrumental to ensuring that all of our work meets rigorous academic research standards.  The Lab and its lead, Dr. Paul Kershaw, have achieved many academic distinctions.   

  • The Government of Canada awarded Dr. Kershaw and Gen Squeeze its inaugural prize for excellence in moving Knowledge to Action on housing in 2018.
  • Gen Squeeze received the BC Affordable Housing Champion award in 2017 from the provincial Housing Central coalition.
  • Kershaw was recognized as 2016 Academic of the Year by the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC for Gen Squeeze research and knowledge mobilization.
  • Kershaw has received two national awards from the Canadian Political Science Association for his research on gender and politics.






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