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  • Affordability can’t come at the cost of generational fairness—Ontario Fall Economic Statement

    Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy clearly wasn’t much concerned with generational fairness in his recent Fall Economic statement. His prescriptions for the province at a time of increased economic uncertainty fall well short of following the generational golden rule: to treat other generations as you would want your generation to be treated.

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  • The Fall Economic Update doesn’t update much for generational fairness

    If you want Canada to work fairly for all generations, here are five key take-aways from the Government of Canada’s Fall Economic Statement, released on November 3, 2022.

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  • The Globe & Mail: We can’t fix medical care at the expense of young Canadians’ finances. Here’s why.

    Our universal medical care system is as much a part of Canadian identity as the Maple Leaf. When news reports consistently outline how this system is “in crisis,” there is understandable angst. Fixing the crisis requires that we recognize how personal finances – yours, mine and others – are deeply implicated. To slow the flow of illness into hospitals and clinics, governments need to grow investments that will ease the squeeze on the finances of Canadians – especially younger Canadians – more urgently than they add money for medicare.

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  • Intergenerational tensions linger despite child care breakthrough in Budget 2021

    To ease this squeeze, our organization began recommending a “$10 a day” national child care system. In partnership with the "$10 a day" movement that ran with this idea in BC, along with the national advocacy of Child Care Now, the 2021 Federal Budget takes a massive step toward ensuring child care never again costs as much as rent or the mortgage!

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  • New age analysis risks missing the forest for the trees

    For the last four years, Gen Squeeze has been asking the federal government to report on age trends in public finance. We've wanted more analysis and transparency about the intergenerational impacts of budget decisions, and the degree to which governments are currently budgeting for young and old alike.

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  • Why we make generational comparisons

    Concerned with the growing squeeze on younger Canadians, Dr. Christopher Mackie — a medical officer of health in London, Ontario — asked his Board in 2015 to support Generation Squeeze. Their spokesperson at the time made news by calling Dr. Mackie's request "idiotic", and even went so far as to assign us a motive, saying Gen Squeeze was “trying to start an inter-generational war."

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about the #TaxShift

    B.C. needs a #TaxShift, and most people agree on that. But from there, the debate tends to get a bit muddied, and tensions often flare. But why? Our proposal will benefit the vast majority of British Columbians, and make life more affordable for young and old alike. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help clear the air.

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