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We're a voice for young Canadians in politics and the market, backed by cutting-edge research.

Generation Squeeze is a national research, education and advocacy organization for Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Our mission is to help young people thrive, now and in the future. 

The Squeeze

Millions of younger Canadians are increasingly facing a 360-degree squeeze created by high costs for things like housing and child care, stagnant earnings and mounting debts (including public debts like climate change). 

These pressures combine in ways that make it difficult to achieve the basic milestones of adulthood, and in ways that leave younger Canadians and future generations with less opportunities and new burdens compared to the past. 

☝️That's called generational inequity

We're all in this together

We need to be honest about inequities where they exist, whether we're talking about gender inequity, racial inequity, or generational inequity. 

But openly talking about things like generational inequity isn't about pitting age groups against each other, it's about ensuring we have the necessary facts to help create a Canada that works for all generations. 

Our vision is a Canada that works for all generations. 

What we do

Together, we're amplifying the voice of young Canadians
in their 20s, 30s and 40s. 


A Voice in Politics

We run people-powered campaigns advancing bold solutions to the 360-degree squeeze. And when you’re too busy to get involved in those, we suit up and advocate on your behalf!


A Voice in the Market

We negotiate discounts to help you save time and money, and to help us all live more sustainably. If you lack old-school employer benefits, our Member Perks may help!


Cutting Edge Research

The Gen Squeeze lab at the University of BC provides analysis to help you explain to friends and family why so many younger Canadians are struggling, and what we can do about it!

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Our Impact

Our focus is on helping young Canadians thrive, but many of our campaigns — like our work to help restore housing affordability — seek to benefit Canadians of all ages. 

Check out our blog to see some recent wins


Generation Squeeze is a national collaboration. Vancity Community Foundation is the entity through which our charitable activities are delivered. The Association for Generational Equity (AGE) is the home for our non-profit social enterprise. Research is coordinated by Dr. Paul Kershaw in the Gen Squeeze Research and Knowledge Translation lab at the University of British Columbia.

Our Team 

Paul Kershaw
Founder & Lead Researcher
Sutton Eaves
Executive Director
Eric Swanson
Executive Director
Dave Hibbs
Digital Strategy Lead
Founder & Lead Researcher

Dr. Paul Kershaw is a tenured professor at the University of BC, public speaker, regular media contributor and Founder of Generation Squeeze – a voice for younger Canadians in politics and the market, backed by cutting-edge research. Kershaw is one of Canada’s leading thinkers about generational equity.

He received the award for Academic of the Year in 2016 from the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC. Twice the Canadian Political Science Association has honoured Kershaw with national prizes for his gender and politics research. He and his Gen Squeeze colleagues received the award for BC’s Affordable Housing Champion in 2017 from the provincial Housing Central coalition, while the Government of Canada awarded Kershaw its inaugural prize for excellence in moving “Knowledge to Action” on housing in 2018.

Kershaw’s work has contributed directly to historic investments in BC child care, the first ever tax on empty homes in North America, eliminating limitless rent increases in Ontario for units built before 2019, changes to municipal zoning, approval of dozens of new rental housing developments facing NIMBY’ism, a shift in BC to reduce income taxes by taxing unhealthy home prices more, and the first-ever reporting of age trends in federal public finance. Most recently, Kershaw successfully led the Intergenerational Climate Coalition to intervene in Saskatchewan and Ontario Courts to defend the constitutionality of pricing pollution on the grounds it is needed to promote population health and intergenerational equity.

Kershaw is a policy professor in the UBC School of Population and Public Health, and Director of the UBC Masters of Public Health program.

Email: paul@gensqueeze.ca  | Phone: 604-761-4583

Executive Director

Sutton Eaves began her career as a journalist, working in Canada and abroad before she chose to use those skills to address the issues closest to her heart: environmental and social justice. Since then, Sutton has played leadership roles at the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice, and helped organizations across North America rally support for action on climate change.

Sutton works to build the Gen Squeeze base, tell stories about our issues and impact, extend Gen Squeeze’s network of allies, and secure resources to keep up the hustle.

Email: sutton@gensqueeze.ca

Executive Director

Eric Swanson has a degree in cellular, molecular and microbial biology from the University of Calgary, but changed course to work in conservation and advocacy beginning in 2006. He volunteers with the Alpine Club of Canada (and with Gen Squeeze) and is driven by a desire to leave future generations at least as much as we inherited.

Eric's your point person if you'd like to partner with Gen Squeeze, have questions or ideas for grassroots actions, or are looking to volunteer in Victoria, B.C. (where he lives). Check out his blog on how we're working to restore housing affordability, forever

Email: eric@gensqueeze.ca  | Phone: 250-661-7112

Digital Strategy Lead

Dave Hibbs received his Master’s Degree at York University in the Communication and Culture program, where he focused his research on the communication practices of environmental nonprofits in Toronto. He began his career in nonprofit communications and marketing consulting with numerous nonprofits to develop highly strategic digital programs to mobilize communities around the world.

Dave works to build Gen Squeeze's digital presence to ensure our continued ability to be a strong, impactful, and powerful voice for younger Canadians.

Email: dave@gensqueeze.ca

Ryan Vandecasteyen
VP Internet
Stephanie Goudriaan
Advisor & Board Director
Jennifer Fox
Twitter Editor & Founding Member
Anita Minh
Advisor, Director & Researcher
VP Internet

Sharing the VP Internet role with James Firth, Ryan is the lead designer and digital strategist at Van City Studios — a full service, award-winning, NationBuilder-certified digital agency that’s all about working with the people and organizations who protect our planet and make the world a better place.

When he’s not working with digital tools to create positive change, he can usually be found kayaking the waters of British Columbia or surfing the beaches of Mexico’s west coast. Check out one of Ryan's favourite pages describing the 360-degree squeeze

Ryan's your point person for Gen Squeeze's online experience. If you notice bugs or things that could be better, send a note to info@gensqueeze.ca 

Advisor & Board Director

Stephanie serves as a Gen Squeeze Advisor, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Association for Generational Equity (our national non-profit). Profile coming soon...

Twitter Editor & Founding Member

Jennifer is a founding member of the Association for Generational Equity (our national non-profit) and is Gen Squeeze's volunteer Twitter Editor. Profile coming soon... 

Advisor, Director & Researcher

Anita is a Gen Squeeze Advisor, a Director of the Association for Generational Equity (our national non-profit), and a member of the Gen Squeeze Research and Knowledge Translation lab at the University of British Columbia. 

James Firth
VP Internet
Allison Felker
Matthew Ellis
IT Support
Trisha Lees
VP Internet

Sharing the role of VP Internet with Ryan Vandecasteyen, James is the founder of Van City Studios — a full service, award-winning, NationBuilder-certified digital agency that’s all about working with the people and organizations who protect our planet and make the world a better place.

James is passionate about using online tools to help people engage with issues that matter most to them, and in his spare time loves exploring new cultures and cuisines. Check out one of James’ favourite infographics showing that yes, things are harder, now.


Allison is a member of the Gen Squeeze Advisory and the Interim Executive Director of the Vancity Community Foundation, an arms-length public charity associated with the members of Vancity Credit Union in B.C.

IT Support

Matthew volunteers for Gen Squeeze. He draws on almost 20 years of experience to resolve IT issues for the organization. When not deep in IT, he spends his time with his family biking around Vancouver.


Profile coming soon...

Lynell Anderson
Advisor & Founding Member
Advisor & Founding Member

Profile coming soon...

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